Data-Driven Decision-Maker

ISTE Standards for Coaches 6: Coaches model and support the use of qualitative and quantitative data to inform their own instruction and professional learning.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

A Data-Driven Decision-Maker understands how to gather, review, interpret, and apply data. This means actively seeking out and evaluating methods for collecting data in the classroom, across a school, and/or during professional learning experiences, as appropriate. A Data-Driven Decision-Maker understands how data might be qualitative versus quantitative and is able to interpret and navigate the resulting implications. Once obtained and understood in context then data can be carefully analyzed to look for themes, patterns, and clues that might help to better inform instruction and overall learning management. Using and applying this data to pursue and obtain educational goals means being able to utilize the newfound knowledge and understanding in order to adapt instruction and adjust curriculum as appropriate to meet the individual and collective needs of all learners.

6a Educators and leaders – Assist educators and leaders in securely collecting and analyzing student data.

6b Interpret qualitative and quantitative data – Support educators to interpret qualitative and quantitative data to inform their decisions and support individual student learning.

6c Learning data – Partner with educators to empower students to use learning data to set their own goals and measure their progress.