Professional Learning Facilitator

ISTE Standards for Coaches 5: Coaches plan, provide and evaluate the impact of professional learning for educators and leaders to use technology to advance teaching and learning.

Photo by Alice Dietrich on Unsplash

A professional learning facilitator designs professional learning, build the overall capacity of educators, and continuously evaluates the effectiveness of professional learning delivery. This means conducting needs assessments in advance with respect to what instructional frameworks would most benefit the educational context. Any approach needs to take into account the cultural, social emotional, and overall learning needs of the adult participants. All facilitated professional learning should build the capacity of the educational professionals involved in general as well as with respect to ISTE standards. This means active, engaging, and relevant learning with meaningful feedback for participants. These goals can only be consistently achieved when regular iterations are identified and made so that professional learning experiences can be continuously improved to provide ever better and more effective experiences for educators, leaders, and instructional teams.

5a Working with adults – Design professional learning based on needs assessments and frameworks for working with adults to support their cultural, social-emotional and learning needs.

5b Facilitating active learning – Build the capacity of educators, leaders and instructional teams to put the ISTE Standards into practice by facilitating active learning and providing meaningful feedback.

5c Evaluate the impact of professional learning – Evaluate the impact of professional learning and continually make improvements in order to meet the schoolwide vision for using technology for high-impact teaching and learning.